CareCloud Launches Concierge: A Modernized Physician Revenue Cycle Experience

Next-Generation Service Built Using the CareCloud Ecosystem Transforms Medical Practice Workflow and Reclaims Lost Physician Revenue

MIAMI, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 05/18/10 -- CareCloud today announced the national launch of CareCloud Concierge, a unique technology-enabled service that has been helping medical practices and other healthcare providers maximize their profitability, reduce unnecessary expenses and ultimately improve patient care. Concierge combines a high-touch revenue cycle management service with the world's most advanced practice management software to deliver a comprehensive software and service solution for increasing collections while minimizing the cost and effort of medical practice administration. CareCloud's Concierge service is powered by its groundbreaking web-based platform, CareCloud Central, which improves practice productivity and efficiency by delivering a powerful and intuitive software suite to easily manage appointments, eligibility verification, registration, billing, document imaging, reporting and other practice management functions directly over the Internet.

"Concierge liberates healthcare providers from the burden of managing the back office and lets them focus their attention on the patient," said Albert Santalo, CareCloud's President and CEO. "Concierge represents a shift to a new era for medical practices and the industry as a whole. By modernizing medical practice workflow, we help physicians level the playing field with the payers and get paid more, faster."

CareCloud's Concierge service, which has been servicing clients since early 2010, includes a virtual back office, an intelligent rules engine, and a reimbursement management system. CareCloud's revenue cycle management service helps medical practices recover the unprecedented amount of physician revenue that often goes uncollected in today's difficult reimbursement landscape. Medical practices are often ill equipped to handle the growing amount of paperwork and bureaucracy required to receive full compensation from health insurance companies. As this process becomes more complex, physicians are finding it increasingly difficult to run a healthy practice.

CareCloud Concierge is a sophisticated, expert approach to revenue cycle management that replaces the back office role traditionally filled by either medical staff and/or medical billing companies, which lack the resources and technology to achieve optimal results.

CareCloud's clients also enjoy massive savings in IT infrastructure and maintenance costs thanks to the power of cloud computing, which allows medical practices to host their data on CareCloud's servers, which deliver government-grade security and privacy.

CareCloud's Concierge clients experience improved claims accuracy thanks to CareCloud's sophisticated rules engine, which identifies and tracks claim denial patterns, delivers new rules updates to clients in real time, and automatically scrubs claims prior to submission. "Fundamental to our quest to modernize the medical practice is our ability to leverage our ecosystem and its network of providers to improve results," said Albert Santalo. "One example is our ability to tap into the collective intelligence of our network to eventually push the practice's first pass resolution rate, the rate at which claims are paid in full on the first attempt, above 90%."

"Concierge is more than just a product or a service," said Rich Lopez del Rincon, CareCloud's Executive Vice President. "What we provide is an experience, an all-encompassing solution to the real-world problems that physicians face on a day to day basis, and part of that experience is our unparalleled customer service."

With CareCloud, clients can rely on a dedicated team of specialists to follow up on denials, post remittances, and manage every facet of the reimbursement process. CareCloud's technology-enabled workflow engine automatically escalates overdue items and identifies problematic claims to streamline back office functions and facilitate payment. CareCloud also gives practitioners unprecedented visibility into their data thanks to its advanced analytics engine for reporting, business intelligence, auditing and internal controls.

CareCloud was founded in January 2009 by experienced industry veterans who share a passion for modernizing and empowering medical practices through the use of effective Healthcare IT solutions. With a world-class technology team and a core of medical billing and collections specialists, CareCloud has created the most modern and effective revenue cycle management system and service to date.

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